About Me

Blame it all on chickens and a guy named Richard.

Nearly 30 years ago a drawing professor (that Richard fellow) took me and my classmates to his neighbor's yard to sketch chickens. Squabbling, running, jostling, chattering chickens. It was dusty and hot and chaotic, and the delight of the experience never left me.

In fact, that afternoon planted a seed that continues to grow– a twisty vine constantly searching for moments of windblown or water-soothed authenticity.

These days I work primarily as a relief printmaker, although I still paint watercolors from time to time and am never, ever far from a pencil and sketchbook.

You can find many of my relief prints and other information on my website, sherrieyork.com. Small linocuts and handmade sketchbooks can be purchased directly from my Etsy store, Rio Salida Art.

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