Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back to work...

Okay. All the running around of the last month has been great and necessary fun, but it's time to get back to the table. As evidence thereof, I present to you the start of the next linocut. Largeish in size (12x18 inches), probably 5 colors in reduction. (As usual, no solid plan past the first carving.)

It feels remarkably good to manipulate tools and imagine where the image might go. Remember that when we're halfway through and I'm whining and despairing. (Also usual.)

Ponderosa pine, Chaffee County, October snow.


  1. That linocut is exquisite.

    There is an emergent beauty in incised images, whether on lino, wood, metal, stone ...

  2. Wow- I know that isn't the finished product but it looks like a winter scene- ironic since it is snowing for the first time this season out my window... Very nice! No doubt what kind of tree that is- is that the ponderosa that you found in someone's yard a few months ago to use as a model??

  3. Yikes! You guys are paying attention! Now I have to be sure I get things done!

    Brdpics, right on one count: snow indeed! But it's not the yard tree. A friend who was along on that Great Ponderosa Pine Hunt Day saw this one in a recent snow storm, knew what I was after, and snapped a pic for me. I think it's the first time I've worked from someone else's photo, so it seems a little odd... but the tree shape fit my search parameters to a T!

    And Snail! Yes..... I find the process of carving the plate actually more satisfying than the finished print most of the time. It's a tactile thing....

  4. It's beautiful, Sherrie, I hope you show us the finished product!

  5. We're all waiting on pin(e)s and needles to view the finished product!