Thursday, November 8, 2007

Invoke the Python (Monty)

I'm not dead yet!

Although probably there have been some questions on that count lately. I have lots of excuses for no posts in ten days or more. To facilitate said excuse-mongering, I shall give them by the numbers. It will save time during future long silences.

1) Work. As in the kind designed to generate income, which has been woefully slim lately.
2) Company. As in the kind that removes you blissfully from your usual routine and then lands you unceremoniously back there with a thump when they leave. This thump is immediately followed by a panic-striken reminder of #1, above.
3) House-shifting. As in a temporary move to the home of friends whilst they are in Majorca. Adjustment has taken more time than anticipated.
4) Laziness. As in... laziness.
5) Company. As in the kind that hasn't arrived yet, but will right about the time a new routine is established at temporary home, beginning the cycle of #2, #1 and then #3(a), as in going back to my own home and settling it all back again.

But, blog guilt will always win out in the end, so here I am... sketch at hand... ready to make amends.

When the aforementioned Majorca-wallowing friends (see #3 above) finally put their suitcases in the car this week, they lamented that the lovely magenta-colored orchid on the kitchen table had chosen the morning of their departure to bloom. In their honor, a little sketch. Probably I shouldn't have tried to add color by dim table light... but I did. So there.


  1. I know the guilt feeling all too well ... haven't posted an entry on my own blog for more than a month! Though, I've got TONS of ideas and have been visiting (and leaving comments) on other blogs.

    But, I will get at least one or two of my entries on in the next couple of days ... or maybe weeks ... Yes, I will!!!


  2. I love the numbered excuses, but just 'cause you're clever that doesn't get you off the hook! The orchid's fabulous, and the colors are yummy. Said friends will be sorry they missed its blooming time when they see that sketch - although I suppose Majorca offers plenty of consolation!