Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blow ye winds. Or not. Please.

The wind is still blowing.

Today we also had snow. And sun. And clouds. And something that smelled like rain but wasn't quite. Is it any wonder that we're all completely neurotic here?

I guess the benefit to all this stubborn wintry weather is that I might actually get to wear the scarf that I (novice knitter) finally finished today. Iris, Beki and Deborah! Look! I did it! In November I showed off the first 9 or 10 inches of this project at the bottom of a post. Today it's (I kid you not) 9 feet long. Insane. Many, many thanks to Carrie, who bailed me out several times. (And who has been so cheery about it that she's even going to help me make mitts and a hat.)

It's safe to say I'll never be a full-fledged garment knitter, but I'm finding I enjoy working on projects that exercise my brain in ways that carving and printing linos do not. (Well, I enjoy it when I'm not making a huge mess or wondering if I will ever finish...)

And speaking of wondering if I'll ever finish. I did go back and try to make some changes to the tiny aspen leaf linocut I was working on last week. I managed to get the blue where I wanted it, but by the time I did, the entire thing just looked overworked and tired. The theory was good but the execution was weak, so this one's relegated to the chopping-up-for-other-projects pile. Oh, well.

In the wake of non-success I have found it challenging to identify what I want to work on next, but I think I'm finally there. Image idea is in place, but size and format are still questionable. I typically print on Hosho paper, which comes in 19 x 24 sheets, and I feel pretty strongly that I want to work 18 x 18 this time. So..... I need to decide if I want to try a new paper! After all these weeks of 4 x 4 and 6 x 9, it seems an epic leap to increase both size and surface, so maybe I'll just work 15 x 15, which will comfortably fit on familiar Hosho. 

Let's see... what else?

This week I am also working on illustrations and design for an interp panel (draft ready to go out in the morning) and packaging up some more work for another show. Hm. And I'm minding friend Brenda's business while she's away. And the end of the week we're headed to Manitou Springs, where David has gigs at Adam's Mountain Cafe on Thursday evening and Friday morning. Come on out if you're in the neighborhood!

Maybe it's not really windy. Maybe I'm just running around so much that it feels windy.

Probably not. But at least I have a nice new scarf.


  1. Yea love the scarf. I told my hubby I should start knitting again some day. Sorry your project didn't work out but now I know I'm not the only one with a pile of work that just didn't work out. Have fun at the gigs.

  2. ooh pretty scarf :D can never be too long

    shame about the linocut :/

  3. Now that's a scarf and a half!

    I feel I should make some substantive comment, but I'm revelling in yet another fabulous place name: Manitou Springs. I've got to head NW.

  4. Hello Sherrie

    I have just found your wonderful blog, what a great mix, I'm sitting here listening to David on YouTube, what an amazing sound, I shall listen to them all.

    I just wish that I could visit (I've just had a look at the link) Adam's Mountain Cafe to meet you both and enjoy some of their slow food ethos... just have a small problem.. I live in the UK... It might take me a while to get there.

    ~ Julie

  5. Hey Sherrie hope you and David had a good time in Manitou. Had to thank you for posting the "one that didn't work". It's nice to know others also get those occasionaly!

  6. Hi Sherrie, Your scarf is gorgeous - love the colors. Are you, by chance, very tall? :-D

    I have not been to Manitou Springs in many a year. If I ever get there again I will definitely visit Adam's Mountain Cafe'.


  7. Sherrie,
    Your scarf is beautiful and congratulations on finishing your very first knitting project. I taught myself to knit and I do think it is challenging. I like to crochet way better. If you're interested in learning it, let me know.


  8. Ah,yes...the ones that don't quite work. They constitute the greater body of my output!
    But you are honest in your endeavours so thanks for taking us through the process.
    And the scarf? Way to go, Sherrie!

  9. Aw, shucks, ya'll. *rubs toe in dirt* 'Tweren't nuthin;... but thanks for recognizing that throwing my "nothing" out in to the world took a bit of a deep breath.

    And of course it was 70 here today, so my new scarf sits a tad forlornly in the corner. But guess what? Carrie's going to get me started on mitts next weekend, so I'll be ready when October rolls around again.

  10. And Julie! Welcome! Thanks for letting me know you stopped by. I was, of course, curious about Curious, so gave it a look, too. I'll be back!

  11. BTW Sherrie, please do tell us what yarn you used for your lovely scarf.


  12. Ah! Lindy, the yarn is Shibui sock yarn. The whole darn thing done with #5 needles.


    Only now do I realize I used the colors "marine" and "stone".

  13. Sounds like you are having the same weather we are here. Gotta love "spring" in the Rockies, eh? Yesterday was the one break in the weather all week and I just soaked up that sun!

    Your scarf is gorgeous. The colors are just wonderful (reminiscent of summer trees, grasses, and blue skies - warming thoughts for a scarf!) and I really like the wavy pattern.

    Sorry about the linocut not working out to your satisfaction. It is so frustrating when that happens, but it is part of the artist's life, I suppose.

  14. Your scarf is gorgeous, Sherrie. I was about to look for the Made in Italy tag on it.

    I got quite a shock to see you have to abandon a print. What a pain but for all the rest of us who come up short of our expectations, it's a comfort.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to watching your progress with the 15x15 or 14x14 block. I'm itching to get back to printmaking myself.