Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thumbnails: Twigs and Trek

I am forever picking up "stuff" when I take walks. Sticks. Stones. Dead bugs. Leaves. Several weeks ago I picked up a small branch from a cottonwood tree and brought it to the studio, where it's been languishing.

Anxious to do a few thumbnails, I finally put that branch to work. And after I had exhausted my interest in twigs, I did a few sketches from a DVD. I don't often try to draw portraits, so it's a good stretch for me to work from character-driven cinematography. Likenesses are challenging to me, especially in a 2x3-inch format. I think this one came close, anyway.


  1. Beautiful Sherrie.
    I have sent on your site to my nephew. Year four of college and off to the military. He still enjoys working the right brain stuff and I told him of your thumbnails...

    Loved our card too! You have made me see pink in my own landscape too woman.
    Keep making.

  2. Sherrie,
    I like the new look of Brush and Barren. Very clean, including drawing as another part of the art you offer is good!
    (How long did it take you?...as it's time to shine a new light on Shadows...)

  3. Sherri
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and hope you have a wonderful New Year.
    Love the new look also.

  4. It's a thumbs up for the new look! Hooray!

    Patrick... I guess maybe 2 or 3 hours for this redo? I used a Blogger template and tweaked it fairly extensively. And a lot of the sidebar images had to be resized and re-loaded to accommodate the new configuration. The big headache NOW will be that the color palette of my website needs to be changed, too... a much longer operation!

    Think pink, Cathi! (Glad the card arrived!) Tell your nephew to wave when he stops by. (My nephew just went off to the military as well.)

    Toni... best wishes for YOUR new year, too!

  5. I got quite a chuckle out of your post title. I fully expected to see some thumbnails inspired by one of your treks out and about in nature and was quite surprised to scroll down to a sketch of Commander Riker instead. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

  6. ;-) Gabrielle, always glad to ferret out a fellow STNG fan by use of misleading headlines.