Saturday, June 9, 2012

Linoleum crumbs!

Hooray! There are lino crumbs on the table again! Nothing too exciting, unfortunately, just a few more map icons for a client project. But at least I got to carve for a bit today. Tomorrow I have to pick up a brush and do some watercolor illustrations. No rest for the wicked.

Lest you all fall asleep for lack of interesting printmaking information, I'd like to share something I got in the mail last week. My friend Beki, maker and keeper of journals, spinner of yarn, knitter of garments, and creative wonder, sent me this spectacular postcard.

Although I hate to call it a postcard, since it's a block print on fabric with hand calligraphy, quilted, and stitched around with sparkly thread. And, yes, it came through the post just like this.. no envelope. A beautiful soft work of art in my mailbox. Thanks, Beki... I keep it on the "treasure shelf" above my work table. It makes me smile every time I look up.


  1. Great to see your lino crumbs making you happy and what a lovely postcard quilt!

    I had the pleasure of meeting José Medina, the print master at CRAM Press last week and he kindly showed me the stages of the printing process. It's definitely given me the itch :).

  2. Beautiful postcard! I'm glad you are doing some carving. I've been having long periods when I can't work also and it makes me pretty frustrated. But it's summer, and EVERYTHING (visitors, travel, shows, etc.) seems to happen in these 3 short months, right?!

  3. very nice card :D lovely work of art that needs a frame :)


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