Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Printmaker abhors a vacuum...

.... or a least an empty can.

But there's good news in the studio: Yesterday I received notice that two cans of tint base are indeed enroute, so this sad state of affairs will not prevail.

Encouraged by that thought, I scraped the last bits of base onto my inking slab and mixed up the next color pass for the magpie linocut-in-progress.

My (necessarily) miserly approach to ink mixing was problematic at first, and I rolled up colors too harshly opaque and contrasty. I pulled two prints and then decided to scrape ink slab, block, and roller and try again. I eventually settled on another tan-to-green blend.

From here I think I'll start bumping up the contrast in the foreground. My intention is to settle the magpie into some foreground shadow... But we all know about roads paved with good intentions!

Where we were on the left and where we are on the right.


  1. But we all know about roads paved with good intentions!

    They're gold? No, wait, that's not right.

    I'm glad the materials are on the way. The can of base is almost as sad as a carton of ice cream where you have to scrape the last few melting teaspoonfuls out of the corners...

  2. Sherrie,
    What exactly is the transparent base you use? I have found that the transparent base that I like the most is the relief version from Gamblin. It really make the ink buttery. I like it for etching too...the etching versions seem way to sticky.

  3. Oh, dear... now I'm thinking about ice cream. Thanks, Snail. We'll see if it becomes the image cue every time I open a can of base from now on. I hope not, as I don't think the stuff is particularly tasty.

    Wendy... I'm using the GC 1191 tint base, knocked down with Setswell. I've never tried the Gamblin, mebbe I should...