Monday, August 19, 2013


The tern linocut needs a little more time to dry before I can print the next color, which is good because I have another project that needs some attention. (Read: Started it yesterday, must ship it on Wednesday.)

This tiny piece is supposed to be a secret, so I'm only going to show you a vague corner of the block and ask you to pretend you haven't seen it for a couple more weeks.

I haven't worked a straight-up black-and-white piece in a while so it took me a little bit to wrap my head around what I was doing.

The image needed to be printed on fairly substantial paper, so I decided to put little Elvis Press-ley to work. Elvis can't manage blocks mounted high enough for my usual hand-printing jig, which meant that I also needed to work on unmounted lino.

All of these elements together (b&w image, stiff paper, Elvis, umounted lino, short deadline) made me feel like a beginner again. A curiously satisfying experience...


  1. Wait... who said that? I don't see anyone...

  2. I think it's really good for adults to feel like beginners again. It puts you in a completely different frame of mind. I'm a high school teacher, and for me, it's a really good reminder of what my students feel like ALL the time.

    And my, what an intriguing corner this is!

  3. Sherrie,I really enjoy seeing your prints, you are a phenomenal artist. I love the detail but simplification of natural images and your color palettes are great. Sue K