Friday, September 27, 2013

Fieldwork Friday: prehistoric wonders (why not?)

Because sometimes you have to put aside the things you "should" be working on and draw something else entirely.

Edmontosaurus skull and Protostega gigas. Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

**So I just got back to town and checked this post on my computer... Gack! Apparently the Blogger app doesn't do a very good job of resizing photos. The previous image was supposed to be "medium-sized." But here's a replacement.. 

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  1. A flying beetle? Looks like something from Terry Pratchett!

  2. Actually, Dinah... it's the skeleton of a sea turtle, hanging from the ceiling. A rather odd angle.

    Thanks, Jen and Clare! Drawing is definitely my first love, and dino bones are fun subjects.


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