Friday, September 23, 2016

Linocut in Progress: Slowly

Chip, chip, chip... little tiny pieces of lino everywhere. And then... an unplanned delay. Too many days of intense carving plus a 350-mile day of driving combined to create one of the most frustrating conditions for someone whose every interest involves looking up, down, and to the side.

Neck spasm! The worst of it is that I was trying to avoid this problem by stretching when it happened. Nothing to do for it except lay around with alternating hot and cold compresses and grumble a lot. Today it's still tight and painful, but I can hold my head upright and look at least a little bit to the left, so I'm trying to get a few things done with lots of breaks in between.

The good news is that being forced away from the carving table allowed me to decide which pieces I'm going to try to complete before the December exhibition deadline. The bad news is that the amount of work required will cause continued strain on my neck and shoulders. But I guess the other good news is that I've had my "you are not invincible" reminder NOW instead of, say, the first of November when the pressure will really grow. Printmaking pun not intended.

Printmakers and all whose work requires controlled, repetitive motion... take a break RIGHT NOW. I know I'm going to. And then I'll get back to work. Slowly.


  1. I am becoming increasingly aware of aches and pains in my hands. So hard to think about not having full use but as one does, forging ahead still causes misgivings. I hope you recover quickly or figure out a way to cut back even more. xoxo

    1. Sigh... yep. Whodathunk that aging artists would have so many physical impacts to consider? Thankfully the tendonitis that I had last spring has eased... and now this reminder that I need to pay more attention again. Thank goodness I had chocolate in the house is all I have to say. ;-)

  2. ouch, hope your neck feels better soon

    I haven't etched anything for weeks due to messed up hands, can't control the tool enough to be sure where the marks will go or the tool might end up with the pointy end in my hand :p

  3. talk to your physical therapist (I am one!) about your shoulder-blade posture... I have to continually be aware of ths while I am carving or my neck locks-up painfully. Hope it gets better soon

  4. Great reminder to take care of ourselves! Love your posts Sherrie!