Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Linocut in Progress: Yes! Another one already!

The deadline that I've been whinging about since August is almost here... just one more week to go! So there's no rest for the printmaker, she's got one more edition to finish.

The good news is that this linocut is a small one, just 8" x 10," so carving and printing move along at a significantly faster pace than for any of the recent large images. The bad news is that I took these first few photos in really crummy light. Just for this post, though. Promise.

Off we go, then!

The first pass was a very pale sort of creamy color. The goal is for it to look like a warm off-white, since the subject of the piece will be back-lit.

What's it gonna be this time? Step 1

Step 2 was a transparent blue ink which, because it layered over the warmer tone, appears grayish. Totally okay. I meant to do that. ;-)

Look! You can tell already that it's some sort of furry thing. Step 2

Step 3 was another transparent blue, this one definitely reads as blue. So far everything looks good value-wise, and this blue should work well for some shadow shapes to come. And hey! The subject is already clear.

Step 3

Chipmunk! It's been ages since I've done anything with fur instead of feathers, and both the subject matter and the smaller size are contributing to a sense of fun that's been missing for a while. There's light at the end of the production tunnel, and I'm feeling relatively confident that it's not just another oncoming train.


  1. It's darling already! Can't wait to see what's next. xoxo

    1. It's definitely ranking high on the cute factor. :-) Thanks, Wendy.

  2. Looks so cute already! You should do more fur!

    1. It would definitely be a nice break from birds! I have an idea to do a bunny... but we'll see. I might get a cuteness overload on this one. ;-)

  3. As we don't have chipmunks in the north of England and too many rabbits, stick with the chipmunks!

    1. Now, see... my impression is that everyone in the UK is mad about their hares! At least there is a lot of art made featuring them. I shall stick with chipmunks for now. ;-)


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