Friday, June 16, 2017

Reduction Linocut Workshop at the Museum of American Bird Art

We just wrapped up a great week of Arts & Birding here in Maine, but my adventures on the east coast are far from over. Next up: A weekend of reduction linocutting at the Museum of American Bird Art in Canton, Massachusetts (Boston area), July 8-9. I'd love to see some eastern peeps come out for this event, so please pass the word to the lino-curious in your world. 

Perhaps the best thing about linocuts is that they can be created with the simplest of tools at your kitchen table, entirely by hand. So, yes, we'll be hand-printing! Workshop participants will take home a small edition of reduction prints and the knowledge and experience to create their own new works at home.

The 2-day workshop will cover:

• How to design an image for reduction printing

• How to transfer your design to the linoleum block

• Block cutting techniques

• Tips for effective inking

• Registration methods (how to line up each color so it prints in the right place!)

• Hand-printing techniques

We’ll also talk about papers, inks, tools, and the wide variety of applications for relief printmaking. 


  1. Hi Sherrie, How do you teach relief printmaking in 2 days? I'm teaching a moku hanga class over 2 weekends and I worry that that's a stretch. Count me among your very impressed fans.

    1. Hi Richard,
      We don't get more than 2 or 3 colors down, but we work small and get the basic concept. :-)

  2. I think I'm a bit too far east :p

    sounds like a good workshop :)