Tuesday, August 14, 2007

okay, okay

One more linocut before I go. And then I'm outta here. Really.

Snow shadows near Cottonwood Lake. (No, it hasn't snowed yet this year, this is from a previous season.)


woodenski@excite.com said...


That looks a lot like the lino that I provided the creative direction on? Remember when we were working together at the Salida Cafe Show?

It sure came out well, glad I could help.


Tsunehiko said...

Bonjour Sherrie,

I did'nt know that you had a blog !
This lino is wonderful.
I'm going to read your others days contents.

Can I link your blog on the mine ?


Sherrie said...

Yes, CUTE, Mark... that's the Salida Cafe originated piece... finally finished without additional application of caffeine!

Tsune! Of course you can link here, and I shall to you. Great to hear from you, how are things in Paris?


Tsunehiko said...

Thank you Sherrie, I linked your blog.
In Paris, everything is going well, excepted the weather : it's rainning, raining and raining.