Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is this thing on?

Or: Now for something completely different. I'm going to try to embed this video of my friend Tim and the rest of the Spydercam team at work on the movie Spiderman 3. I love this stuff, in part because I don't have the sort of 3-D mind required to visualize getting from Point A (cameras and wires and winches and software) to Point B (cool scene on film). And in part because I absolutely can NOT deal with heights.

OOOOH! I think I did it right! So while we're on the subject of Spydercam... check out their demo reel and stuff here.

Tim and I went to high school together. My grandmother adored him, and I vaguely remember she dutifully saved coffee cans for his "science projects." I can't imagine we ever told her he was stuffing them with powder and shooting tennis balls across the neighborhood.

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