Wednesday, August 22, 2007

At long last

Some projects just take a long time to get into the ground instead of off the ground. But this week I received photos of the long-awaited kiosk at Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area. (Illustrations by yours truly.) I've done quite a few interp signs this year... some illustration, some design, some writing, depending on the project.


  1. WOW!!! How cool is that? When do we get to see close-ups?

  2. Good question! I've asked for some... since this is all they've sent me so far. Might have to go take my own photos, but who knows when THAT will happen..... :-)

  3. I've got new ones to do for the Great Colorado Birding Trail, which should be fun. And one about dinosaurs for CaƱon City. Never a dull moment! But, yeah... it's always nice to have them installed and doing their job.