Thursday, January 25, 2007

Leaf Litter

It's a little crazy around here just now. House is in an uproar, belongings are in disarray.

I'm moving.

I'm not going far, but it's still chaotic. Time to go for a walk.

We're finally starting to thaw out here. Snow on the trail is squishy rather than squeaky. There are plenty of stubborn ice patches, but today I noticed the distinct tang of damp earth sneaking up from underneath. Not quite a spring thaw sort of smell. But a teasing scent all the same.

Melting snow has exposed piles of last autumn's detritus-- leaves and twigs and stones. Somehow they remind me of the current state of my household: mounds of old papers and heaps of books coming to light as shelves are emptied into boxes. Treasures reappearing from under the bed or behind the closet.

It's too soon, I suppose, to turn my mind toward the changing of seasons, but the promises are there in the returning light and the melting snow. While the earth rearranges itself, ever-so-slowly, I'll have to be content with rearranging my own belongings in a new space. And stuffing my pockets with old leaves now revealed.

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