Friday, March 16, 2007

Things that metamorphose in the night

Day Two, continued. After the xiphactinus and before the pachycephalasaurus, I spent a little time in the balmy Butterfly Hall at the Academy. I found a nice little bench out of the main traffic flow through the exhibit (an important consideration when drawing in places where hordes of children and clueless adults could stream past at any moment) and settled down to draw.

Lots of nice, colorful wings flitting here and there. A lovely morpho on the other side of the room. Graphic shapes, bold colors. Just the sort of thing I like to draw.
What settled next to me? Brown and subtle owl butterfly, of course.

At some point the morpho came across the room, and literally bopped me in the back of the head. (Some might say dope-slapped.) Did it settle? Of course not.

Later I moved to another bench, after stopping for a visit with the little poison dart frogs. Again, what settled nearby? Subtlety. Again, what bopped me in the back of the head? Morpho. The butterfly equivalent of taunting, I am sure. (Either that, or its favorite nectar bar was serving really fermented brew.)

Still, it was nice to have a little taste of summer in the far-from-it early days of March. I think I'll go hunting for green blades of grass this afternoon, just to convince myself the season's on its way.

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