Monday, April 30, 2007

Holy crabapples, Batman!

NOW we're talkin'. The plums and the crabapples have gotten showy in the last few days. We've a nice pink tree out front of the building, the crown of it square in my front window. Now that it's covered in blooms, it screens my view of oncoming traffic... a double bonus.

I'm glad I got out early to walk, since now at mid-day it has gotten cloudy and windy... a possible portent of thundershowers. Thunder. When did we last hear THAT?

I'm in a bit of a holding pattern on projects today- waiting for feedback from clients. Just as well, since I'm on my way out of town again on Wednesday and I might now think about what to pack. It's running-amok-with-artist-chum-from-France time again. Twice in one year! Twice in the same season! Unheard of. But Denis has a show opening at the Mass Audubon Visual Arts Center this weekend, and it was a good excuse to visit both with Denis and with artist friend Pat Burson, who lives in Boston and was a fellow artist-in-residence at Acadia National Park in 2005. There are a few other friends and colleagues in the area, too, so who knows? Could be one big brush-wielding bruhaha.

So, 'tis possible we're heading into the blog equivalent of radio silence (blogdio silence?) again. Fear not! I'm sure there will be all sorts of ridiculous stories to tell when it's over.

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