Thursday, May 10, 2007

Home again, home again

Well. The eagle has landed, but is off again on the morrow for workshop teaching on Saturday. No rest for the wicked.

Boston was great... the
Mass Audubon folks were fabulous, Denis' exhibition opened to acclaim, friends new and old were visited, I got to take in the just-opened Edward Hopper exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, AND we got to ride in the rumble seat of Larry's beautifully restored Model A.

Of course, all this running around meant not many sketches were made. We spent our first day at Drumlin Farm, but as usual I spent the first day spinning my creative wheels. (Can you say, "couldn't find the mark-making end of the pencil to save my life?") Three days later we got out to Cape Cod for about 2 hours, since it was a requirement that I at least SEE the ocean. A few small sketches happened there, and a few later at friend Pat's house... and some whilst waiting at the airport and on the journey home. Ah, well... sometimes you just have to go have fun, too.

It will be piper-paying time after Saturday's workshop, so thought it best I put something up before I even finish emptying out the suitcase. Model A photos when I get the camera downloaded.

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