Thursday, December 13, 2007

End Game

Spent the morning fulfilling my civic responsibility (got called for jury duty, but in the end was not selected... I admit a sigh of relief). Am now engaged in serious printmakerly responsibilities: the carving of the final color for the ponderosa linocut.

At this stage the plate is fairly stained with the remnants of previous color pulls and it gets difficult to see what I'm doing. Out comes the Sharpie! (The pen, not the bird.) As I carve, I run the pen across the high spots so I can see where I've been. This doesn't work for earlier stages because the pen is permanent and obscures details, but here at the end I apply it with gleeful abandon. Aiming to finish the carve tonight or tomorrow... printing on the weekend! Whee!


  1. this is looking great - you can make linoprints look delicate - I'm not too good with lino.

  2. Thanks, Vivien, and thanks for the link to your blog... great work!


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