Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Café = Community

If ever you come to Salida, make sure you stop in at the Salida Café. (Also known locally as "Bongo's," just in case you're asking directions.) Good food, good drinks, good people.... and a community atmosphere unlike anything I've known anywhere else. Granted, I half live there, but STILL....

A couple of weeks ago Sam (one of the owners) handed a tiny chunk of wood across the counter to me, asking me to embellish it as part of a little sculpture project. I wasn't able to be at Monday's assembly party, so I stopped in today for lunch and a look.

What a fun piece they've put together... it's the café logo, each piece of the puzzle a little contribution by kids and adults who live here in town. Can you find my tiny pinecone? (Hint: Clicking on the image will open a larger version in a new window so you can look a little more carefully.)

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