Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beachcombing Lake Erie

Took a little break today before settling down to work and went for a walk along the lakeshore at Huntington Reserve. (More Cleveland Metroparks magic.) Yesterday set a new record high temperature (65 F), today was not far behind. This afternoon it started raining, so it was a good time to empty my pockets of the morning's treasures and make a little study.

I WANTED to collect a little dead fish, of which there were several splashed up on the beach, but I neglected to heed sage advice and fill my pockets with ziploc bags before leaving the house. Well...... also..... when I picked up the pearlescent beast and indicated my desire to drag it home, D looked slightly horrified. I've found it's best to expose friends to my compulsion in small bits... and since my room at the house is already amassing leaves and bark and twigs, it seemed best not to press the issue. (At least not until, say, tomorrow.)

So. Today, smooth stones and one mussel shell as they landed on the table from my pocket. I think the orangey one on the right is actually a piece of worn brick... it's porous and lightweight and the right color.


  1. Just love this blog. My long time collection of bones and skulls which are carefully arranged on the front porch, get weird stares, but that's just ok with me.

  2. Thanks, Holly! And congratulations on your new blog efforts, as well!