Thursday, January 3, 2008

ISO things to draw

Sun today, so out we went into the world!

Brr! Sun in Cleveland does not necessarily equal warmth in Cleveland, but we did manage a few little adventures. First, though, some time this morning in the coffee shop, where 2008 goals were finally articulated and shared. I discovered long ago that it's one thing to make a list, but it's another thing entirely to share it with a friend and become accountable for it.

After that it was some errands, my first experience of a "Roman Burger" (guilty pleasure on a sub roll), and my first good look at Lake Erie. (I saw waves during the snow storm the other night, but that didn't really count.)

Frozen pylons on the lake shore at Rocky River Beach

It was WAY too darn cold to sit out and sketch, but I poked around trying to find something to bring indoors to draw. The beach was covered with mussel shells which crunched and shattered beneath our feet. I imagine they are the remains of something quite unsuitable (zebra mussels, perhaps), although I don't yet know that for certain. An interesting subject to draw, but trying to pry them loose from the frozen beach was an exercise in futility. All I got for my efforts were cold fingers and shell crumbs. (sigh) Another day, perhaps.

What drew us down to the beach in the first place, though, was this lovely little natural ice sculpture. Its former identity as a small tree or shrub was completely lost to us until we got close enough to see its skeleton through transparent skin. From beach to crown it's more than 6 feet tall, although it looks smallish here. Ducks in the background are mostly mallards, but there were at least a couple of buffleheads and some gulls-to-be-named-later. Guess whose binoculars are sitting on the chair by the front door at home, left there during a last-minute suitcase rearrangement? (sigh)

Tomorrow I think it's another trip into the Rocky River Reservation (supposed to still be sunny and warmer), and then settling down to work is definitely in order. Maybe. Probably. Possibly. Could be.


  1. that ice-sculpture-tree is amazing!

  2. It was pretty spectacular! From where we first saw it we couldn't tell how it had formed... it looked like a frozen explosion.