Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend wrap-ups

Seems like everywhere I've been this winter, I've been surrounded by folks with The Crud. There's been a nasty flu making the rounds... one that hangs on for weeks and weeks... and of course the usual spate of colds. I've been hours in cars and planes and public places with the walking wounded breathing on me, and I have been relieved (and, I admit, a tad smug) that I have managed not to catch any of it.

Well. Until last week, anyway, when I started fighting a cold. So far neither of us has the upper hand, nor is either of us conceding the battle. I'm functional... more or less... but without much stamina. So the weekend was spent working in odd little bursts....

Burst #1: I finished "Twisted." Reasonably satisfied... but the paper struggles never let up. I lost more than my usual number of prints in this edition, which I think will end up being 10. Maybe 12. I have to sort through them more carefully when they are dry and handleable.

Burst #2: I'm working on a set of icons for the Southeast Colorado Heritage District... black and white linocuts! Three of them were finished and printed this weekend. Three (maybe four?) more to go.. but finding the images for the second set is proving challenging.

Burst #3: I made a little progress on writing some interp content for a display at the local office of the US Forest Service. More of that today, I think.

Hm. I just looked outside, and it appears to be snowing. (sigh) Of course, that's just in the driveway. In the street the sun in shining. The weather seems to be functioning in bursts, too. Must be springtime in the Rockies!


  1. What nice work you do! I currently belong to a local print studio here near Chicago. Keep up the good work!


    (found you via Snail's Eye View)

  2. I love seeing how your lino cuts all come together.

  3. Hi, Dave and Toni! Thanks for checking in with the progress of the prints. It's great to get feedback, and then even MORE fun to go check in with what you guys are up to!