Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still working

More interp panel backgrounds. This one in progress is the lower Arkansas River. Also finished the grassland background this weekend... More on that later.

My living room is filling with boxes, as the DM has been shipping belongings ahead. He leaves Ohio and starts his westward journey today, hooray! The canyon panels are due to the fabricator tomorrow and these other two backgrounds are due to the client on Wednesday. The DM arrives Wednesday night after a 1500-mile drive. I expect the reunion will go something like this:

A delighted and exhausted embrace, followed by "Nice to see you. Can we go to sleep now?"


  1. It is looking great! the painting that is.

    Ah sleep will feel good for the two of you.

  2. Fantastic! the painting and the moving news. (I've been in Texas birding for 10 days...)

  3. Toni- Yes, was just on the phone with the DM (he is as far as Des Moines) and already he wants sleep. My projects are wrapping up and by the time he gets here, I'll be ready for a long snooze, too. Perfect!

    Pica- Texas birding in the spring! Good for you! Have you seen purple gallinule? I love those things!