Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our lives in cardboard

The DM arrived in good order (aside from a backside shaped roughly like a car seat) on Wednesday, and we've been somewhat manic ever since. Boxes have been arriving for several weeks, but between the final shipment and the emptying of the car... well.... we're living like this just now:

We'll start shifting boxes this weekend, to make room for me to pack up my belongings, and then The Big Move takes place NEXT weekend. We are both ready to be finished with complete disarray (the DM has been purging and packing and shipping since February), but OOPH. All signs point to disorder for some little while yet. We can not WAIT to fill the cardboard recycling trailer with the remains of these few months.


  1. I live like that all the time!

    Do you have one mysterious cardboard box that moves with you from place to place but is never unpacked? It seems to be the way of removal boxes.

  2. Sadly, I have more than one of those. One is not so mysterious: It holds cooking pans. Now WHY would I ever unpack THOSE?