Thursday, May 15, 2008

A funny moving story

Please note that there is no comma in the headline. It's not a funny, moving story. It's a funny moving story.

I think it's safe to say that there are very few things about moving that can be considered funny. I find nothing amusing about boxes and chaos. However. When one adds the enthusiastic help of friends to the chaos....

The last thing to be emptied and shifted on Saturday was The Dreaded Storage Shed. Boxes and my bicycle and a big, heavy cabinet and other awkward things. I went out back to The DSS long enough to point at various items and say, "Take that, leave that," and then my attention was called to supervise something else.

Hours went by.

We ate pizza and drank beer with our crew at the new house. They visited for a while and then went back to their respective lives. We dug a space out on the sofa, squeezed in, and stared stupidly at the wall for a while. Then the DM said, "Let me show you where the shed stuff ended up for now."

We headed out to the new back yard, where there is a head-scratching array of odd storage spaces. This here, that there... and the bicycles under there.

"You didn't tell me you had two bicycles," said the DM in a slightly aggrieved tone. "If I had known, I might not have gone to the trouble and expense of shipping mine out here."

"But I DON'T have two bicycles," replied I.

Perplexed and then alarmed looks were shared as we realized that our moving crew had shifted the neighbor's bike, which had been propped in front of HIS shed, next to mine. So we piled the bike into the car and headed back to the apartment, where I knocked on the door and announced our crime. Luckily, John The Neighbor hadn't yet realized his bike was missing, so he saw the humor in the situation and was quite gracious about it. Phew!

But let that be a lesson to you all. If we move to your neighborhood, and then subsequently move out, be sure everything you own is locked down so it doesn't accidentally get schlepped along in the tide.

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