Thursday, October 9, 2008

Five more!

Five more Tiny Linos went up on the web page today... wahoo: Turtles, ants, a dragonfly and flying birds. It's still a secret known to Brush and Baren readers only, but October 15 all that will change. Of course, you guys have fairly decimated the inventory already (thank you!)... there are only 3 damselflies left, and more than half of several other editions are already living in new homes. It's nice to think of a little community of Tiny Lino-ites around the world.

So thanks again, everyone... and who knows? These are turning out to be nice things that I can do when I have a couple of "spare" hours in the midst of contract craziness. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around larger pieces when I'm so focused on client work... but these seem just about right for keeping me from tearing out my hair when I've had just TOO MUCH computer. Could be an entire legion of these critters is just waiting to be carved.


  1. Sherrie -- your work is strong and very distinctive. I love it. You make me want to pick up a cutting tool! (One of the ones I bought in the spring!)

  2. Fun and games with PayPal ATM! Am trying to buy two more but the exchange rate seems to be varying by the second. So if my wild and crazy clicking on buttons has caused multiple orders I only meant to get 1 x ants and 1 x dragonfly. Aaargh!

  3. Thanks, Andrea! I'll start a little tool-chant for you. :-)

    Snail... got the single order. All is well. Blame the fluctuating US dollar. I have several analogies I could use... none of them suitable at this hour of the morning. ;-) (Although one involves the dollar being like a bodily function in the wind.)