Thursday, June 18, 2009

Woot! Woot!

Guess what this is:

It's one of seven crates of these!

Just arrived on the doorstep... David Tipton and Clanky Frog Studios are pleased to announce the release of Residue! Fourteen original compositions on Chapman Stick.

Well, okay, it probably won't be released until tomorrow, because someone we know needs to set up the order page on his website. But it's here! Hooray!

You might (or might not) recognize the cover photo as Salida's own Sands Lake, taken by me during one of our rare fog events. See? There's a REASON for running outside to record things at the least provocation. You never know where it might come in handy.


  1. Woo-hoo indeed! It sounds great--we listened while we hosted out-of-town friends for dinner tonight. And I've already tweeted about it.... Congratulations to you and David and Clanky Frog Studios!

  2. Hi Sherrie - Congrats to David and to you. "Clanky Frog" - gotta luv that name!

    I'm on my way over to David's website now to see if his order page is ready.

    Salida is just stuffed full of amazing talent :-D


  3. Clanky Frog. It's what we call a windchime on our front porch. ;-) We knew it was the right name a couple of weeks ago when we received a reptile and amphibian book from an artist friend in France who coincidentally inscribed the title page with a great drawing of a frog playing Stick.

    Technical difficulties have been encountered on the TiptonStick purchase page, but he's working on it!