Sunday, June 28, 2009

Art (Sleep-) Walking

Hooray! We survived another great Salida Art Walk weekend.. tired, but happy.

Earlier in the week Roberta Smith, Lisa DeYoung and I set up a display of handmade books at our local independent addiction-feeder, The Book Haven. Once we figured out what we were doing with our assortment of books and book-making gear, we put together what we all felt was an attractive collection. Unfortunately I could never get a photo through the window that didn't have the rest of town reflected as well, so you'll have to take my word for it from this image taken inside the store.

Proprietor Lisa Marvel invited me to hang some linocuts in the shop, as well. Recognize that crazy thing over the piano?

To complete the ensemble, the DM played for a few hours at the store yesterday afternoon, and promptly sold all of the CDs he brought with him. This afternoon we popped in again, and heard the disc playing on the shop sound system. Very nice!

I sold a couple of linos and a leather journal, so we're both pleased with the weekend results. Several friends from the Front Range made surprise appearances, which made the weekend extra fun. Now if we can just recover some sleep.

Not too likely, since this time next week I'll be heading off for five days of workshop teaching at the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival. I think the Field Sketching I sections are both sold out, but last time I checked there were a couple of spots left in the "II" class, and in the leather journal-making class. Come on up! We've had so much rain this month that the wildflowers ought to be spectacular.

This means, naturally, that there's a whole lot of gear-switching and task finishing coming up this week. AND, in the "of-course-it-would-happen-NOW" category, the DM came home between gigs yesterday to discover a large chunk of the guest room ceiling lying on the floor. It's a long story involving a plaster patch administered before we moved in. Let's just say it didn't hold and add it to the "to do" list. (sigh)

But don't despair... guess what THIS is:

Yup. In-progress drawing for a new complicated linocut. Life is good.


  1. Sorry we missed most of the fun, including all of the music.... But at least we got to see you and your work briefly. Now we're back in Denver, slogging through the parental move. Fun, fun, fun.

    How great to see the new lino in progress! Insanity takes over again. I love it.

  2. I'm sorry I missed you, too! Steve was sick over the weekend and company came midday... no Artwalk for me this year. Have a GREAT time in Crested Butte!

  3. Thanks, Goils! Susan, it was fun to see Molly, she looked fabu... and Carla, it's a bummer Steve's sick! Saw your "Living Room" girls at Cultureclash and they made me smile as always.

  4. Congrats on the great weekend at Book Haven. :-D

    What is the black gizmo in your first pic? I'm guessing it has something to do with printing or pressing but . . .?


  5. You're right, Lindy... it's a book press. It belongs to Lisa, not to me, sadly. If it weren't so heavy it might be in risk of slipping out the door!

  6. Wow, this is going to be another beautiful print!


    P.S.- the Bullfrog sketches are wonderful!