Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Another down-and-back trip to the city was on the docket for today. I needed some supplies for next week's workshops in Crested Butte (namely leather for making journals), so off I went. It was a nice day for a drive and traffic was light (a bit of a surprise during the summer tourist season).

Errand running took a total of 90 minutes (which was less than the time it took me to get there), so once again I managed a little time at the zoo. (Okay, so I was efficient about errands because I wanted time at the zoo.) Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has a nice, new little exhibit about the challenges of amphibian conservation- complete with a tank chock full of semi-cooperative American bullfrogs.

I finally came up with an answer to one of the most exasperating questions I receive whilst sitting in front of an animal exhibit with a sketchbook in my lap and pencil in my hand:

"What are you doing?" asks a bystander.
"Baking a cake," say I.

The new linocut block is drawn and I'll get the little bits carved for the first color this week. I'm not sure if I'll start printing right away, since I'll be gone all next week to teach workshops, and I don't like to lose momentum once I start. We'll see how I feel this weekend.


  1. ""What are you doing?" asks a bystander.
    "Baking a cake," say I."

    lol :D hmm going to have to use that next time someone asks me a dumb question

  2. Probably it's not going to score points for grace and tact... but patience has its limits, eh? ;-)

  3. :>D I may borrow that line too!

    these are great sketches

  4. Love your sketches of the frogs. Looking forward to the linocuts. Will you be showing a step by step blog?

  5. Hm. Third time's a charm. My comments keep winging off into comment la la land. Dunno why.

    (giggle)... I have a vision of a small army which mysteriously responds "baking a cake" to all dumb questions.

    And, yes, Marlene, I do intend a blow-by-blow for the new linocut, jut probably not until next week.

  6. Love the bit of sarcasm.

    Lindy - listening to "Residue" and loving it. :-D

  7. You'll love this, Lindy... I finally got my own copy of "Residue" today... just in time to go to Crested Butte in the morning. ;-) The cobbler's kids have no shoes, and the musician's partner waits for a CD.

  8. Naturalist trivia: How do you tell the difference between boy and girl frogs?


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