Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ditch linocut colors 2 and 3

The "underfoot" series begins to be an actual series! Good progress has been made on the third linocut image in the last 24 hours, with colors 2 (light gray) and 3 (green) both making it on to paper.

There is, actually, a concept behind all this complicated imagery of tangled bits below my feet. (And it's not just about a bad habit of not watching where I'm going.) I find it curious that we tend to describe our trodden landscapes with "throw-away" words: leaf litter, woody debris, duff, detritus. And this image here? Not a pond or a creek or a stream. It's a ditch, plain and simple. There's something profound in this idea, I just know it. I'm not entirely able to articulate it yet, but it's there.

Stay tuned.


  1. coming along really nicely :)

    A lot of people don't take the time to look at what they are walking on (which might be why people fall into manholes :p...not me some other girl). Its a shame because people do miss out on seeing things. Maybe its the artist in me but I am always looking around me to see what interesting things there are in the area. You do the same, might not watch where you are going ;) but you see art in what other's would overlook as being ugly or cluttered. meh this probably doesn't make any sense lol I need sleep :p

  2. We humans step on beauty all the time. Thank goodness for artists like you, Sherrie. It's a beautiful series already.

  3. art - articulate. See the connection there? Which is my clever way of saying you are already articulating the concept, just not with words (yet).


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