Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally underway

As if we hadn't been spending entirely too much time away from home already, the DM and I traveled to Boulder this weekend to celebrate his birthday. It was nice to check out the scene at the Boulder Art Fair and David got to visit a bit with renowned Stick player Bob Culbertson, who was doing his Chapman Stick schtick at the fair.

This week the annual Audubon Adventures project gets ramped up to full speed and I need to give some attention to a couple of commissions, but I got tired of looking at this forlorn and neglected linocut block sitting on the table. Image drawn and first color carved, but not printed. (Sigh) So, I took advantage of a little schedule shuffle yesterday afternoon and got the first color down on paper. At this point it looks as if this image will be 7 or 8 colors, unlike the 10 of the last print. I am most looking forward to printing a couple of shades of green, which I don't seem to do often enough. Green is always a challenge, I think... in any medium!

More carving this evening whilst the Darling Man is off to a meeting. I hope to print color #2 tomorrow.

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