Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book Building Binge

The schedule gods smiled on me the last couple of days, and I found myself with enough time to fill a biggish order for hand-built books "Flora and Fauna" and "Living on the Edge." Both of these titles I originally built to finance back-to-back projects: an expedition for the Artists for Nature Foundation and an artist residency at Acadia National Park. Almost four years and 400 individually constructed books later, I'm still building them! Time for a new volume, don't you think?

At any rate, yesterday I printed, trimmed and collated the "guts" of 12 books, and today I built covers and assembled the finished books. Feels good to have that task done, since it gives me enough inventory to fill the order AND have some on hand to sell at the Salida Farmer's Market on August 1. Hm. And have on hand to fill orders in the Etsy store. Hmmm and hmmmm. Perhaps I should build a couple more.


  1. Yes, it is past time for a new volume! Deb J

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