Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leafy Sea Dragon Video, Take... Three?

Hey! I think it worked this time! Here are the groovy little leafy sea dragons at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I'll see if I can't convince the DM to do something with the jellies videos, too. :)

Ambient soundtrack provided by the Aquarium. Squawking kid included.


  1. i love how they just float along, very calming to watch

  2. Hi, Sherrie,

    I don't get to visit your site as much as I used to. For some reason my home computer freezes every time I click onto your blog.????? This means a visit only when I can do so from another computer. Go figure!

    The CA coast is one of my favorite places to visit. I would not want to live there with all the problems and high taxes but what a gorgeous and long coast they have.

    I imagine that we will be seeing sea dragons in your art work soon -ocean creatures are so amazing.

  3. Sea Dragons are always among my favorites when I go visit aquariums. They are simply mesmerizing.

  4. As Richard said, "Wow! No wonder she was fascinated with them" Very cool. Hugs from Denver, Susan and Richard

  5. My goodness, I've never seen a sea dragon before - how beautiful.

    You seem to be having a wonderful time, unfortunately my computer is too slow to open photos on blogger at the moment - I'm having to imagine the rest of the pictures - and they are gorgeous!