Sunday, August 8, 2010


Anderson Ranch Arts Center meeting hall (left) and dining hall (right) from the steps of the ceramics/woodworking buildings.

I've been sitting here for several minutes, staring at the screen and wondering how to pick up again when absolutely nothing is the same as it was a week ago.

Adjectives to describe this past week all seem flat and devoid of color. Any word I choose seems like an understatement after the rich abundance of the experience. EVERYTHING was great. Facilities, food, staff, accommodations. Every single member of the workshop brought something unique and inspiring to the group, as well as a work ethic that kept us all in the shop 10 or 12 hours a day. (Can you say "printmakers are a tad obsessive-compulsive"?) Jean Gumpper was (and is) a model of artistic vision, craftsmanship and instruction... challenging, encouraging and inspiring us every step of the way.

Yeah. It was a little difficult to come home. Not that I didn't want to be home, but I sure didn't want to leave the blissful focus that comes with no responsibility other than learning.

I think I won't try to say much about the work itself just yet... I'm still in that "What just happened?" mode. But here's a quick look at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center facilities just for starters. I was surprised when I got home to see how few photos I actually took... but you'll get a glimpse, anyway.

Painting and printmaking building. (Printmakers in the basement, of course.)

Part of the wonderful printmaking facilities. Everyone in the class had their own large table for work space, as well as access to three intaglio presses. (There were litho presses, too, but we didn't use them.)

Update: Here's a link to photos of the workshop on the Anderson Ranch Flickr site. More to be added, I'm sure.


  1. WOW, that looks fantastic. Look forward to seeing results of what sounds like an inspiring week.


  2. Welcome home! And congratulations again on taking the risk to go. It'll be a treat to see what emerges over time from what you've learned this last week.

  3. What a great work space. And a great experience!

  4. great photos on flickr! it almost feels like I am living vicariously through you, waiting for more words to be written...