Saturday, July 31, 2010

To be continued....

In keeping with the drama theme, I'm going to show you color #8 on this new linocut, and you're going to have to wait an ENTIRE WEEK for two more colors and the conclusion. Tomorrow morning I am off to workshop nirvana and I'm not even going to THINK about the computer until I get back. At least not if I can help it.

It's a cliff hanger, all right.

So here we are, doing things "they" don't expect... like adding back a lighter color after we've been getting progressively darker. Think of it as a plot twist. I liked the way the leaves were going, but decided I really wanted some lighter center veins... and the bird's perch wanted to be lighter... and... well.... I really wasn't ready to commit to that darker color just yet.

You know how it is.

I'm down to just a few more things on the "to do before departure" list, which is a bit surprising considering we had an unexpected plumbing fiasco again this morning. (The last one, you may recall, was Thanksgiving Day!) Oh, the joys of old house plumbing and even older town plumbing. Apparently all three houses on this corner are hooked together (SO not to code now). If one goes down, we all go down sooner or later.

We've also had the good fortune to be on the race route for the Salida Omnium, which means that we can't park our cars near the house today. Not a problem except that today I had to take down a show and this evening David has a gig at the cafe. (Oh, and the little matter of getting the plumber here, too.) Great fun toting artwork and music gear down the street whilst dodging cyclists!

Eat your popcorn and talk amongst yourselves. I'll see you all back here in a week, with a workshop report and all kinds of new ideas. Yippee!


  1. Have a truly fabulous time! (And don't forget to get some sleep every now and then.)

  2. I suppose saying "have fun!" is somewhat pointless?
    See you next week.

  3. This is looking fantastic...enjoyed your latest newsletter too. Have fun!!!

  4. Your little bird looks like it's about to sing. Beautiful not to mention brilliant. Have a great week. You've been so busy lately my head is spinning.