Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back on track

Okay, then! Door prize winners, I'm pleased to report that I went back to the original plan and you have a bonafide little lino headed your respective directions! I can't remember if I whined about the woes of this simple-idea-gone-bad... last color going on and everything falling apart and all that jazz. I put together something else last week but wasn't happy with it, either... OH, the trouble I get myself into!

But this morning I was having good print success as I put the last color on the commission-to-be-introduced-later, so I pulled out the unfinished bits from before and managed to get something passable done. So.... door prizers... expect a little swallowtail in the mail this week. It ain't great art, but it IS great gratitude.

Transformative, 2.75 x 3.75 inches

So much drama for a little bitty thing.

But that's the way things are right now! All about drama! I finally found some meds on Friday that zapped the last of my symptoms. That was the good news. They also kept me awake all night, which wasn't so great, but today I am pleased to report that it was just what I needed to get over the hump towards recovery. Today I feel mostly human. Amazing.

And just in time, too! So much will be happening here on Brush and Baren this week! Unveiling of lino, assorted ranting about who-knows-what, AND another giveaway. Tomorrow. Monday. Be here. Seriously. Not kidding.

And why, you might ask, am I suddenly throwing so much into the blogosphere? Because, beloved friends and blogonauts, I (drumroll please) will be gone all NEXT week to a woodcut workshop! I am ecstatic to report that I was awarded a scholarship to spend the first week of August at Anderson Ranch Arts Center near Aspen (yes, that Aspen) studying with Jean Gumpper! If you don't know Jean's work, well, I encourage you to add it to your list.


Public confession time.

I have never actually taken a relief printing class.


I've been hunting for a couple of years (!) for a workshop opportunity within reach and was delighted to learn about this one. I feel oh-so-fortunate that the stars have aligned to make it possible for me to attend. An entire week of learning. All day. Every day.

Oh. My.

So. Expect somewhat manic activity here this week as I twitch with anticipation. Then a week of silence. And THEN?!?! Who knows where we'll go from here!


  1. Sherrie, that's great news! Congratulations and godspeed thee to the workshop. Hope it is fabulous in both inspiration and technical aspects.

  2. Oh wow -- I have admired Jean Gumpper's work for years, and went to hear her talk in Pueblo early this year. She's awesome! Lucky you...