Thursday, July 22, 2010

Door prize redux

Smiles in the garden, at least!

Three weeks ago (!!!) we celebrated the 500th Postiversary of Brush and Baren, and things have been, let's face it, a tad lame around here ever since.

It's been a frustrating few weeks. I am STILL not completely past the viral-whatever-it-is that knocked me down at the beginning of the month and it's doing a number on my energy level. I have multiple projects going on simultaneously, but OOPH. Nothing's going quite the way I'd like.

Case in point: Those door prizes I promised to the first 10 well-wishers on the Postiversary. They were almost done when I made the announcement and then went irretrievably wrong. The new incarnation is just about ready to roll, but I hesitate to show it until it's completely finished. I'm feeling superstitious about "jinxing" it. In the meantime, however, will Canicas, Marissa, Tracy T.,  Wendy W., Erin N., Robyn and Mike W. please send your mailing addresses to sy (at)! (Margie, Susan and Diane, I already have your addresses.) My goal is to be ready to send your little door prizes off by Monday next week. Whew!