Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aspen Glow

Clever David took some of our (hundred zillion) autumn color photos from the weekend and made a slideshow with one of his brand new tunes as soundtrack. Happy first full day of fall to you!

PS: And this is a screen shot from the nearby Monarch Pass webcam THIS MORNING. Uh huh.


  1. Hi Sherrie,

    I recently found your blog via Jala Pfaff's. Love the slideshow of the aspen fall colors in your area; I live in Durango, and they are approaching peak north along Hwy 550. Glorious!

    Temps are supposed to jump right back up again for the next several days - yay :). Winter will be here soon enough.

  2. Great slide show with David's music! And yes, there is snow up high this morning--just to prove it really is fall now...

  3. Sherrie!
    I am going to share this with the other recreation therapists I work with. This will be great for some of the long term care communities with wireless... we can use it during room visits.
    Very cool. I look forward to an entire CD. His music. Your images. and a combination thereof.

  4. Sonya, welcome! Funny... I think I wandered over to your place from Jala's recently, too... maybe... I tend to get lost sometimes wandering the blogosphere.

  5. Susan... it's a good thing we went up when we did... I was back there today and the peak is past. Still some good spots, but also a lot of bare trees. (sigh) But the weather is still lovely and clear, so no sedentary activities for me yet!

    And Ms. Cathi! Wow. It's nice to think of happy autumn color and music brightening up a care room. Thanks for taking us along...