Sunday, September 26, 2010

Countdown to the first 100

Only ten more thumbnails to go for the September 100, and then start over for October! Woohoo! So far I've been sticking with value sketches but I think some color is about to creep in, too. I'm feeling good... fairly limber with the pencil and always challenged to find five more sketches. (I've been doing them in sets of 5 mostly, because that's what fits well on a page, it's easy to keep track of how many I have, and it takes just under an hour if you include hunting-for-image time.)

I'm waiting on a paper order and anxious to get a new lino on the table. There's a woodcut in there somewhere, too, but I haven't yet decided what it might be. (I'm a little nervous about trying to do a reduction woodcut by hand after the experience of using a press. Might be a tad spoiled by the speed and ability to use really, really thin inks.)

 Of course I'm still struggling with settling in to much of anything... after one day of rain last week we're back to sparkling autumn weather and I can't keep myself indoors. I'm trying to avoid chastizing myself too much for it... indoor days will be here soon enough.

Update: For reasons I can't quite sort out Blogger has decided to randomly not make images enlargeable. I just reposted this one and the previous thumbnails and they should work now. Or not. Got me. 


  1. Sherrie what are the approximate size of your thumbnails. I think I would like to join you in your 100 thumbnail challenge. It sounds good in this delightful warm autumn weather. A good idea!

  2. Hi Carole... they're all 2 x 3 inches at this point. I made a little "frame" from cardstock and I keep it in the back of the sketchbook. Take it out to trace 5 boxes and them fill them in! Come and play!

  3. Sherrie,
    I want to really see your drawings! Is there a way for us to click on your image and see it larger? 2 x3 is small enough, but to try to see a thumbnail of a thumbnail is too post modern for these eyes!

  4. Hey Patrick... I dunno what the deal is with Blogger's image management again. The page I posted on Sept 13 can be "embiggened" by clicking, but for some reason the last two can't. I'll try to figure it out.

  5. Embiggened is too fine a word to put in quotes. I shall strive to use it when I can. It's better than ... than ... unremoved. Better than lots of words. Not as good as essesser, though, which I have to type now in order to post this Why of a comment.

  6. The Why, Jeff, seems obvious to me.

    Not enough tea.