Friday, October 1, 2010

I lied...

...when I said the next color would be yellow. I forgot this tiny spot that wanted to be gray-blue, so I mixed a transparent gray, cut another little stencil and spoon-rubbed the hill over the sky.

But the next color STILL wasn't yellow. It was a yellow-to-yellow-orange blend. Also transparent, which I'm now thinking might have been better off with some white in it on this cream-colored paper, but we'll see. I'm feeling really distracted this week, pulled in too many directions, and I do not seem to be thinking "process" very well. If you know what I mean.

As evidence, the next pass was a yellow-to-yellow-green blend which, by happenstance of fuzzy planning has almost covered the yellow-orange of the previous pass, but not quite. Hm. Well, the whole point of all this blending was to keep from getting a flat color in my trees, so hopefully that's what we'll get at the end.

Today is, of course, October 1 and I DID make it to 100 thumbnails for September. I haven't yet started on the next round, but tomorrow is a Farmers Market day and I'm betting I'll find something interesting to launch the next adventure. And in October I get an extra day to finish, anyway. Whew!

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