Sunday, October 17, 2010

Growing printmakers at our food shed celebration!

Three great words from a gaggle of small girls at the Shed Fest printmaking table:

This is FUN!

That's my friend Kathy (she and her husband Steve are the Salida Bread Company) in the blue shirt, making herself a new SBC logo, and the red hat belongs to "our" farmer Caitlin, keeping an eye on the creative efforts of her daughter Juniper. (Printing was okay, but Juni REALLY liked just rolling the brayer around. Such a satisfying noise and mess!)

It was a perfect autumn day... except for the occasional gust of wind. For young printmakers who were using foam plates and paper that meant a holler and a scramble to catch things every few minutes, but they were all quite cheerful about it. Full contact printmaking as an Olympic sport? Maybe!


  1. I wish we lived in the same town! I'd come to every one of your workshops.

  2. Get 'em while they're young!

    And a note to say I've had your prints (and card!) framed. Look much better in life than the pics on my blog!