Friday, January 21, 2011

RTP: Ready to print!

WHOOSH! There went another week! I'm getting wind-burn from the speed of January...

Probably my biggest accomplishment of the week was finishing the carving on eighteen (count 'em) little linocuts bound for use as wayside map icons. They're stacked on the table and ready for printing tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it... just imagine how satisfying it will be to have a drying rack full-to-brimming with the little darlings!

I made good progress on a couple of other projects this week, too, and I spent one morning helping the students of the Link School get their birding groove on. But OOOOH! The most fun part of the last few days was the arrival of a package containing this fabulous surprise:

Yup, it's a beautiful journal, hand sewn by none other than Jill Bergman of Art on the Page. Our virtual friendship stepped in to the real world a few weeks ago when Jill (the actual, real-live Jill) visited Salida. Our mutual impulse seemed to be to share books, in addition to printmaking... lucky me!

(By the way, you should pop over to Art on the Page and see what Jill's working on now. Linocut illustrations for a children's book! Absolutely delightful!)

Hopefully I'll get a chance to christen the book this weekend, after I get all these icons printed. But, wait.....

What's that other thing in the registration jig?


  1. i love this post! i found your blog when i was searching for pictures of crow linocuts, as i am a fairly new stamper/carver/printmaker. i will be adding you to my reader so i can keep up with your work! it looks great! and that book is gorgeous.

    chelsea @ from the mouth of a mother

  2. Welcome, Chelsea! Thanks for letting me know you're here.. or there... or however it works. I hope you'll check out some of the links to other artists & printmakers, too- there's always plenty of inspiration to be found.