Monday, May 23, 2011

A quick change of scene

It seems as though the "summer crazies" begin earlier each year. The Heart of the Rockies has barely said goodbye to winter (it was still snowing around here last week) and suddenly our calendars are completely booked until October.

So, the DM and I take our escapes where and when we can find them, often combining them with something work-related so we can feel semi-productive (or at least not guilty). After David's Front Range gigs on Thursday and Friday last week we headed south to New Mexico. The DM arranged to connect with a fellow Stickist in Taos, and I wanted to see how the quintessential New Mexico town's gallery scene had weathered the economic rollercoaster.

Southbound I-25, headed towards Walsenburg. Interstate highways
have become a bit of a novelty for us. We hardly ever drive them.
It's apparent as you drive in to town that the galleries have struggled. One proprietor told us that 8 or 9 had closed up shop over the winter. But artists and musicians are resolute and determined. On Friday night we came across several cheerful and crowded opening receptions, and the Station Bar at the KTAO Solar Center was packed with folks enjoying live music. "Keep calm and carry on," as they say.

We squeezed a lot into just two days... galleries, music, eating, schmoozing... visits to the San Francisco de Asis Mission Church, Taos Pueblo, and of course, a short hike along the rim of the Rio Grande Gorge. It was great to get away and, as always, great to come home.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, about 10 miles north of Taos.

A local resident, not particularly camera shy.

Gorge Bridge and the Rio Grande, looking north.


Linocut in Progress: The Third Act

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