Monday, June 27, 2011

And now we're recoverin'!

Hey, who's that guy in the background with the funny-looking
not-a-guitar thingy? Must be David "Stickist" Tipton.
Whew! ArtWalk weekend was HOT, in more ways than one. Saturday boasted the hottest temps of the year, somewhere in the mid-90s, and downtown Salida was filled with visual art, performance, music, and happy art-walkers.

I suspect that town was quiet today, but I wouldn't know for certain. I've had my head down at the drawing table since this morning. With CARVING tools in my hands. Yeah, baby. More soon.

Mark "The Maverick Potter" Rittman wows the crowd with
a blindfolded wheel-throwing demonstration. Fun, eh?


  1. Hi Sherrie: My husband and I were in Salida about three weeks ago and saw your prints in the gallery. I was drawn to them immediately because I know a good print when I see one (I know a so-so one, too, since I do printing myself). I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and your fantastic website and hope to meet you one day. I am on the Inkteraction site which I found through your site and have my own website as well ( Thanks so much for all the great information you provide and the wonderful photos of your work in progress. I admire you work and your work ethic very much. Regards - Judy Robbins

  2. Hi, Judy! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself! Any time you're in Salida, look me up... the Maverick Potter can call me if you're downtown, I just live a couple of blocks away. Or pop me an email if you know you're coming and I'd be delighted to meet you somewhere.

    Wow! You have a LOT of work on your Artspan site.. good for you! I'm feeling way twitchy right now, since I'm bogged down in contract work. Dying to get a new print going. Ah, well, sometimes practicalities must be observed.

  3. Hi Sherrie: Thank you for taking the time to post me a note. I can see you are one busy person - don't know how you do it. Maybe if I get a housekeeper? I am experimenting with a new process I learned at the Shy Rabbit Studio and Gallery in Pagosa, taught by D.Michael Coffee. It is a reductive ink process and each print is unique, not an edition. It is very freeing, but I still love to do my linocuts. I have not posted any yet to my website as I am still learning. And please know that my website work has been done over many years, too. I am lucky if I get one or two large prints done a year. I will keep looking at your work - it is truly beautiful. best to you. Judy