Friday, July 1, 2011

Fieldwork Friday (on the sly)

Couldn't face another day of indoor labors without some outdoor exploring, so I wrangled myself a brief Fieldwork Friday adventure. After my usual morning walk I sat down for about 45 minutes with a sketchbook. The page itself isn't well thought out, but since I felt pressed for time I just drew whatever I could wherever I could.

There's a funny little note in the upper right...
My reading glasses were perched at the end of my nose
and suddenly an ANT ran across the top of the lenses!

Interesting to me was that I started with the distant view in the upper left and then worked closer and closer to where I was sitting. Buildings across the river, tree limb on my side of the river, rocks at my outstretched feet, plant... well... I was almost sitting on it. It wasn't planned... it just worked out that way.

Gonna go print me a stack of lino icons now!


  1. Good for you for devoting some time to sketching on a beautiful summer day!

    I always look forward to your field sketches - you do a wonderful job of capturing the essence of whatever subject it is you're rendering.

    Have yourself a great weekend, and don't work too hard ;).

  2. Must be something about Fridays, I managed to get out today too. For the first time in weeks. Nice drawings.


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