Saturday, July 2, 2011

That's more like it! A drying rack full of linocuts

Happiness is wet prints. Even if they're destined to be map icons.

My homemade print drying rack has been very lonely for many weeks now. Too much illustration going on, not enough printmaking. This past week, however, I've been involved in one of those projects that is a bit of both.

Birds... tractors... corn... deer... trains...cows. Can you guess
the character of the area these icons will describe?

I carved 16 little icons on unmounted linoleum. (A supplement to the 18 I carved last winter!) Originally I intended to print them with the help of Elvis Press-ley, which is why you see little "railing" lines on the top and bottom of the images, but in the end I decided it was faster to just do them by hand. I'm not yet in love with Elvis, I'm sorry to say, but I honestly haven't had a big chunk of time in which to get to know him better. Yet. Maybe this winter?

In the meantime, I've a rack full of little images that will hopefully be dry enough to scan for the designer later today. I know one isn't supposed to have favorites among one's offspring, but if you promise not to tell I'll introduce you to the "keeper" of this batch.


  1. That is indeed a splendid fish. A pumpkinseed? (N American fish are not my strong suit.)

  2. Note to self: look at the picture title first!


  3. Congrats on the rack full 'o linos! That's got to be a good feeling. And that bluegill print is definitely a keeper--very charming!

  4. def. a kepper with all that work with the scales :) they are wonderfully rendered

  5. Always great to get some ink spread out through the studio.
    I'd love to help you set up your press. I use self healing cutting mat with mine, and masonite roller bearers on each side of the bed. Pics of mine here.

  6. :-) And why should NA fish be on your radar at all when you have a garden full of paddies and possums, Snail? And paying attention to filenames? Pah! Purely for amateurs.

    Thanks, Susan... speaking of charming, we'll see you guys later today for a bit!

    Thanks, Jennifer. I do like being able to exploit the textural qualities of lino sometimes.

    Justin.. nice set-up! Did you see I got a tool chest on rollers for my baby press? It's pretty nifty, and I like having drawers that close away the clutter. Would be fun to get together and tweak ol' Elvis into cooperation... ah, but WHEN is always the question.

  7. What a great fish! It's nice to see all those little prints clipped to the drying line. :)

  8. Beautiful! Love your fishy.

    I've had my etching press for 3 or 4 years now, and my homemade bottle jack press for 2 years now. I'm still trying to fall in love with them... so I feel your pain! :o/