Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fieldwork... Thursday

Shady in the gulch this morning.

I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines. On the one hand, the countdown to a deadline helps me to focus on (mostly) one thing at a time. The tasks that are not immediately affected by the ticking clock move to the background of my attention. But SHEESH! What it is about deadlines that also induces some sort of unexpected crisis?

I've been conducting photo research for a publication that is scheduled to go to production tomorrow, and things have been going along pretty smoothly. There was one image of a plant that was still waiting for permission from the photographer, but I wasn't too worried. I had a backup image if the first photographer didn't come through. In fact, I had FOUR backup images.

At this point NOT ONE of the five photographers has responded to me at all. Not even to say 'no.'  This afternoon we resorted to Plan F, and I illustrated the darn thing myself. That'll learn 'em. ;-)

There's still one outstanding image left to resolve, and I'm chasing down photos in my sleep, so it's been extra-imperative that I get out for my hour of hiking-and-drawing in the morning. Today I took myself up Cottonwood Gulch, a nifty little trail that I can get to from my house with about a 10 minute walk. If you look hard you can find the spotted towhee who shared my hideaway. He doesn't give a flying fig for deadlines, photographers, or illustrators.


  1. Sherrie..... deadlines are lovely, when not tomorrow..... and good for learn'em...
    I used to go for a wlk every morning, and have not had time recently, am so glad that you reminded me that it is when you do not have time that it is the most important to do it! Thanks and LOVE your images!

  2. Your right that will learn 'em... how rude not to respond. I reckon your much needed walk will have helped a lot with your blood pressure. I like the shadow colours in your sketch, looks like a little oasis from the heat.

  3. Those dern photographers...

    It is somewhat consoling to know that someone else suffers a certain unexpected crisis with deadlines. I always feel slightly hysteric, even if I've planned ahead.