Monday, August 8, 2011

Fieldwork... umm.... Monday?

Frantz Lake shoreline, pencil and watercolor on Stonehenge paper, 11x14 inches
(Click to embiggen)

Now that I'm home (read: not on the road) for a couple of weeks I'm trying to re-establish some routines... like finding an hour a day to draw... preferably from life and preferably in the field... but I'll take what I can get.

Sadly, there's no odd or amusing story to go with today's effort. Well, I guess it was amusing that when time was up I discovered an even more interesting subject at my feet: a dead crawdad. Drat! I'm hoping it will still be there later in the week, but I expect some other creature will get to it first.


  1. You gotta love artists.
    Who else,(over the age of six) would hope to re-find that dead crawdad several days deader?
    Would love to see that drawing....

  2. Oh, it's worse than that, Patrick! I did try to get it out of the mud to bring home, but it was in fairly firmly and I didn't want to break it.

    I went back this morning and naturally something had eaten it. All that was left was the little part of the underside where the legs attach. (sigh) That'll learn me.

  3. Sherrie, you crack me up! Maybe you were channeling me or something, because I ended up taking a photograph of a crawdad during a stop at the Verde river in northern AZ...just because it was there and I could. Granted, it was alive and this was on Saturday, but still ;).

    I also got a photo of an awesome damselfly I've never seen and this freakishly scary-cool spider that clearly spends time on the water - it was huge! So, let's hear it for all the cool critters we see on these outings.

    This sketch, and Friday's, are really wonderful. If I'm in your neck of the woods, I'd love to go out on a sketching hike.

  4. Yay, three cheers for creepy-cool critters everywhere!

    Brilliant idea, Sonya... if either of us gets to the other's locale, let's try to make a date!

  5. Forgive my ignorance as I live 'over the pond' but what is a crawdad? I'm guessing some sort of crayfish.

  6. You're right, Stuart. Crawdad = crayfish. Darn these upstart colonies, anyway! Can't call anything by its proper name. ;-)

  7. Love me a good crawdad and I love your drawing to woman!